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Hawaii Salsa Dance Class Information

Private Lessons Daily!

Greg "The Salsaman" $90 per HR.
Includes Dance Studio with Thumb drive Review of all class topics.
Booking multipal private lessons will decrease your cost.

Also included is a planned video direction on how to get better.
One private lesson is the equivalent of 5 group classes.

Also included is a planned direction on how to get better.

Dance Escort

$50 per hour 2 hour minimum
$200 Group of ladies or social function

For the cover of the dance, get a dance pro to go to your next social function.
Please feel free to call and ask.  Schedule today to get your event locked in.

Please call for scheduling Greg 256-7556 (discounts available for multiple bookings).

Group Lessons Daily!

Group lessons are $15 for a one hour class.

Discounted Class Cards

are available for $80 which can be used for 10 classes.

The group card can be used for all classes and times at all locations.

The class card is good for one year and you can bring your friends

in with you on your card and see if they like Latin dancing.


Beginner Classes learn the Fab 5. After you learn this pattern you can dance a salsa song.

The Intermediate Class learns the Mr. Smooth pattern and other fun dance patterns.

Mr. Smooth is the same as the Fab 5 with a few extras!

Fab Five

Step 1: Basic Step

Step 2: Outside turn

Step 3: Cross body lead

Step 4: Cross body lead with inside turn

Step 5: To an outside turn

Mr. Smooth

Step 1: Cross body lead

BegStep 2: Cross body lead inside turn

Step 3: Gentleman goes under

Step: 4 Womens outside turn

Step 5: Tap the shoulder, inside turn, drop back

Step 6: Around the world


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